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Call us today to discuss your end of season Winter Service. Winsor Marine Service's are offering great discount's on labour and all engine part's & accessories. 
When the harsh UK temperature falls below freezing and there is water left inside your engine or gear case, the result can be catastrophic and expensive with a cracked block or housing. It is easy enough to prevent this unhappy circumstance by putting your boat ‘to bed’ properly at the end of the boating season. 
To keep your outboard or inboard in top shape from year to year, it is extremely important to get it winterised and prepared for the forthcoming cold months. The major consideration in preparing your motor and boat for storage, is to protect it from corrosion and damage caused by water freezing and being trapped in the engine. Frozen water in an engine can cause major internal damage. 
Shrink wrapping and covering your boat is a very effective method of protecting the boat and engine during periods of storage. However it is also very important to ventilate the hull. Even in the driest conditions, without ventilation, the plastic cover or your normal boat cover will trap moisture. This moisture can create rust on some metal components and a foul mildew growth on carpeting and upholstery. 

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